Invitation for Hope: Surviving and Thriving After Breast Cancer

This exhibit was born from my personal journey to becoming a breast cancer survivor. As of this July, I will be a one year cancer survivor! I didn’t know that I had breast cancer until I went in for a mammogram screening in March of 2021. I had missed getting screened for a few years, partly because of Covid. After testing and biopsy results, the radiologist confirmed that I had Stage 1a breast cancer. By early May, I had a successful surgery to remove the small tumor and proceeded to have radiation treatments to ensure that if any cancer cells were still around–that these bad cells would be completely destroyed. I decided to document my journey to survivorhood through artwork. Through my healing journey, I encountered other artists that had gone through breast cancer. I wanted to create an art exhibit that includes not only my paintings but other artwork about surviving and thriving after cancer. This is a labor of love with the hope that it will help raise awareness about breast cancer and that there is a good life afterwards!

The breast cancer survivor artists that are part of this special exhibit are: Joanne Lavender, Melanie Clay, Julie Cutting, Patty Williams, Diane Lassen, Laurel Justice, and Natalie Becker.

I chose the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research Foundation because this non profit organization is working hard to fund innovative research ideas. Each artist will donate some of the proceeds from their artwork sales to the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I hope that you enjoy the virtual art exhibit and if interested can purchase some of the special artwork to support this worthy cause. You can also donate directly to the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

-Natalie Becker

Natalie Becker

To purchase Natalie’s work from this exhibit, please visit this page.

Maria Battista

To inquire about purchasing Maria’s work, please visit her website.

Melanie Clay

To inquire about purchasing Melanie’s work, please contact her at

Julie Cutting

To inquire about purchasing Julie’s work, please visit her website.

Laurel Justice

To inquire about purchasing Laurel’s work, please visit her on Instagram.

Diane Lassen

To inquire about purchasing Diane’s work, please contact her at 719-359-6850.

Joanne Lavender

To inquire about purchasing Joanne’s work, please visit her website.

Patty Williams

To inquire about purchasing Patty’s work, please email her.